Music transcends any one instrument. As cellists, we want to play it all, and Splntrd Wood was born to make this happen. 

Through our conservatory-training, we’ve collectively studied our instruments for well over a lifetime. Sure, we played our concertos, sonatas, and Bach suites, and loved every moment of it. And yet, so much music remained unknown and inaccessible to mere cello players like us. 

We set out to change that. Our audacious arrangements deconstruct music across genres and traditions, presenting it anew through the inimitable sound of the cello. We offer these in fresh live music experiences that surprise and delight at every turn, whether you are a simple music lover or cello connoisseur. And at the same time, we find an outlet to challenge ourselves and promote an inclusive musical vision, pushing us to be the best artists and performers that we can be.